Rules and Regulations

All of the entries submitted into the competition will be reviewed in their entirety. The songwriter will maintain full ownership of their material. No ownership rights are compromised when entering the songwriting competition. Each song submitted must be the contestant's original work. Songs may have multiple co-writers. Honors will be given to the primary person on the submission form. Recording quality will not be considered when determining the winner. Only the songwriting of the material is taken into consideration. Home recordings and live recordings are acceptable and will not negatively affect the judging of the songwriting.

Contestants may submit as many songs into as many categories as he/she wishes. By entering the contest the writer accepts that neither Song of the Year nor any of its affiliates are responsible for damaged or corrupted submissions. It is the contestant's responsibility to make sure that the song being entered into the contest plays properly. Do not send the original copy of your material. Submissions can not be returned.

 It is the contestant's responsibility to provide accurate and complete information on the submission form. Entries submitted must have an email address specified on the submission form as this will be used for further contact and announcement notifications. Song of the Year will have limited customer support when a contest is not active. This may cause long response times to any inquiries.

Song of the Year's winners and finalists will be selected in each category on a "per-contest" basis. If physically mailed submissions are accepted in a contest, that submission's postmarked date must be postmarked by or before the deadline date of that contest. The submission must also arrive within 10 days of the postmarked date

In each contest, the songwriter with the highest scores from the judges, within each category, will be the "Category Winner". There will be one winner from each of the ten categories. Those top songs from each category will be considered the "Top Ten" winners (or "Category Winners"). The top ten "Category Winner's" songs will then compete against each other (category versus category) for the top overall placement.

All winners will be contacted after the results have been determined. There will be no additional "secondary placements" offered (other than the winner's and finalist's placements) unless Song of the Year decides of offer such placements at a later time. All personalized placement pages posted online for a songwriter are posted at Song of the Year's discretion. Song of the Year reserves the right to not offer personalized placement pages or remove any such posting at any time as this service is not deemed part of the contest and is only offered on a case by case basis as an extra promotional tool.

Only those writers who receive a placement in the contest will be personally notified in regards to the results of their placing song.The songwriter will continue to be the sole owner of any material submitted into the contest. No songwriter's rights of the material are compromised by entering or winning the contest.

Any "spamming", harassment, suspicious or offensive behavior and/or inappropriate use of the Song of the Year website or email addresses is forbidden. In the event these actions are maliciously conducted by a contestant in the competition, that contestant will be removed from the competition including any and all previous or future entries, transactions and web postings. Duplication of Song of the Year emails and/or any part of the Song of the Year website including text, images and media is prohibited unless properly authorized by a Song of the Year representative.

The "Rules and Regulations" are subject to change at Song of the Year's discretion. Song of the Year reserves the right to make any final decision on the judging results should there be any problematic or unforeseen issues that arise. Submissions entered into the contest that violate or infringe another's copyrighted material will be disqualified. Song of the Year reserves the right to retroactively disqualify a submission (after the results have been announced) when a determination has been made that a copyright infringement has occurred. In the event that a copyright violation can not be determined, Song of the Year may request additional information from the songwriter to confirm a work's authenticity on a case by case basis.

By entering the competition, the contestant agrees to abide and be subject under these rules. All songwriters participation with the the contest are subject to all laws set forth in United Kingdom, Australia and globally. It is the responsibility of the contestant to abide under any and all federal, state and/or local laws. Void where prohibited.

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